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Bagotagrophy @dyckmanbeer — @pickandeat ——- View high resolution

Bagotagrophy @dyckmanbeer — @pickandeat ——-

Bagotagrophy with @JODYHiGHROLLER #briskbodega @justwatcho View high resolution

Bagotagrophy with @JODYHiGHROLLER #briskbodega @justwatcho

#JuanBago&O - Dominis In The Heights @juanbago @o4r3al @maci_cruz @lin_manuel @nibbs0125  (Taken with instagram) View high resolution

#JuanBago&O - Dominis In The Heights @juanbago @o4r3al @maci_cruz @lin_manuel @nibbs0125 (Taken with instagram)

Bagotagrophy #handballtitans @remezcla  (Taken with instagram) View high resolution

Bagotagrophy #handballtitans @remezcla (Taken with instagram)

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Bagotagrophy #DominicanBands (Taken with instagram)

Pan con Queso - Black & Yellow Remix

Been on Hiatus on the comedy tip. Thank you Oscar Martinez for the great Concept. Tommie Nibbs & Jeffrey Lapaixx for the Vocal and Rap. We got to put together a great video and song. Kudos to everyone that made this happen in such a fast turn around!

Me on Ana Y Solanyi Show

Got to be Fernando the Party Planner as well. 

Check out this video I did for the BB Show for Hispanic Heritage Month

Directed & Edited by Me

Starring the Columbian University Students, Jaime Fernandez, Loca La Boca & Anthony Palmini

Heres a video that I produced and Played Two characters 

I had the pleasure to be apart the the Epistles - In the Ultimate Latina Festival. So take a look and enjoy. 

I had a ton of fun being a Silver Fox Janitor. Check me out!

Bago Brunch

One Thing I believe in is building. I love to bring people together and build. So in the past few months I have been doing the Bago Brunch w. the help of Paola Soto & Frank Nibbs.

Thank you to the Uptown Collective and Rainey Cruz for the article. MORE TO COME!

Social Media Detox. Update Part 1.

**In my room** **Cold sweat**

Dear Diary:

Its been 22 days since I decided to not to be on Facebook.com & Twitter.com. Myspace doesn’t count since that site is like a Local Pub with old timers who try to dress hip but fail to realize that Polyester isn’t in anymore.

The number 1 thing I have realized that people are soo connected to those two sites. That if you are not checking up on it. You will be out of the loop. Numerous of times People were like “Hey you didn’t know? OMG It was posted on Facebook” Its part of life, its part of expressing or venting or feeling soo connected. No one sends emails or call to give you updates on what they are doing. NOPE!. So God forbid your not there you will miss things & people will be upset if you don’t know.

Overall I do miss it. I mean shoot who doesn’t but at the same time. Its always great to stay busy and disconnect from the Social Matrix. Whats the worse thing that can happen? Your best friend gets married and you weren’t invited since the invites are only on fb?

I was able to go see the Movie Premiere of LA SOGA. I must say as a Dominican American I’m very proud of the film and What Manny Perez accomplished putting this film together. Go out and support!

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